Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm here to word/knit vomit all over the blahgosphere

I'm not that great a writer, so I had a bit of anxiety about starting a blog, but then I realized: it's the internet! People say whatever they want; surely I can post about what I knit/want to knit/eat/want to eat! I know, I have a really interesting life. So here I am. Starting over, cause I'd really like to document what I make. Here's a picture that basically sums up what I did over my winter break this past month:

Along with:

My boyfriend's mom had an idea for spicin' up some apple cider: store-bought cider, nutmeg, allspice, apple slices, orange slices, and a cinnamon stick! Warm that stuff up on the stove (don't let it boil), ladle it into a mug, and you have the perfect whiskey mixer! Actually, the whiskey part was my idea. Yum!

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