Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sniper Mittens aka Trigger Finger Mittens aka Cycling Mitts

My boyfriend claims I made two left hands. I don't believe him. I can't tell how close the color here is to the real deal but IRL they are the color of Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc.

Project Deets: Pattern from here. I made these a couple years ago, so I really don't remember much about them. I know that the yarn is some Elsebeth Lavold angora stuff and that I used size 4 dpns. Or maybe they were 6's?? AH! Don't listen to me. My boyfriend still wears them, if that means anything at all.

I've been making a ton of mittens lately and I'm bored with it! I kinda just feel like casting on for a GINORMOUS cream scarf/cowl with huge gauge. It's really inconvenient that the boredom with mittens struck while I have 45% of a pair finished. Is anyone interested in paying me for some red mittens with white hearts on them? I think money would motivate me.

In other news, my boyfriend's little sister is learning how to knit and she just texted me that she's making headbands and trying to teach her cousin! I indirectly birthed a new knitter! Almost! She's googling youtube videos about casting on as I write this :]

Friday, February 4, 2011

Boisenberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies

These were the most delicious cookies I've ever made, excluding my snickerdoodles. They are a delicious shortbread cookie with some boisenberry jam (original recipe used raspberry, but I felt like getting fiesty with it) in the middle drizzled with an almond glaze. Mmm getting hungry. Recipe is here. It's relatively easy if you have a mixer!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Christmas Knitting (Super Belated)

I knit presents for everyone in my family this year except my brother. Last year I gave him a hat and he didn't wear it because he said people made fun of him! WTF? In his defense, it wasn't handknitted by me... but it was still a knit hat! The boy gots no respect. So no handknits for him. Anyways on to the knits!

Mittens for my mama:
These are the Easy Mittens by Sue Dial in 101 One Skein Wonders. I have made these a million times. I would add it to my ravelry, but I'm almost embarrassed at how many times I have made these mittens. There are two listed projects... but trust me. It's been way more. So this is my go-to mitten pattern as of late. Instead of the rolled cuff, I made a garter stitch cuff (p1 row, k1 row in the round) and doubled up Rowan Kid Classic on size 7 dpns.

Merry Christmas to Me!
Judge me. I don't care. Just kidding! It's pretty! But I didn't give this to anyone because it fits kinda funny. I didn't account for the fact that stranded knitting makes for a tighter fit when you're an amateur like myself. So the brim is really loose compared to the actual head part. Woops! Stats: Cascade 220 in grey, Patons Classic Wool in gold, and some Ella Rae wool that I have no clue what to do with otherwise on 16" size 6 circs. The pattern is From Norway With Love by Anna and Heidi Pickles. I made a ravelry page for this but it says the same stuff.

I also made my dad a hat, a Natural Winter Kit hat, but I didn't get a chance to photograph it before I had to wrap it. And then give it. It was a boring color anyways. Tata!