Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crochet Earrings.

I wish I knew/remembered the pattern I used. This is why I need to blog immediately after I make something. Unfortunately that would probably result in a frequency of about 2.0 times a day in the summer and an average of 0.0000001 times per day between the months of September and May. Gotta spread it out. Anyways! On to the pics.

I'd show you a picture of them ON me, but they turned out crappy. Also, here's a picture of my dinner! I'm very proud of it. I made the sauce and dough/crust from scratch. The recipes are here and here, respectively. I modified the crust by using sugar instead of honey in a 1.25:1.0 ratio with 0.25*1 tablespoon of extra water. For the sauce, I used one 16.5 oz. can of Hunt's diced tomatoes and one 16.5 oz. can of Hunt's sauce instead of 28 oz of diced tomatoes. Also, instead of ONE WHOLE TABLESPOON of red pepper flakes, I only threw in a few. I prefer to not set my mouth on fire while trying to enjoy my pizza. But that's just me.

Can you tell I live in Baltimore? (Natty Bo!)

Monday, August 29, 2011

DIY 2.0

Finally, FINALLY, my next project in my Things I Accomplished: Summer 2011 Edition is here. I saw a couple tutorials this summer on blogs such as Tea Rose Home that consisted of taking cheap picture frames, spray painting/decorating them, and then "framing" cork board to create a personalized bulletin board. Since seeing these types of projects... EVERYWHERE... I soon became obsessed with trying it myself. I like cheap pretty things and I absolutely love a nice make-over project (obviously). So, I rummaged through my nearest Goodwill and found these lovelies (EDIT: Mirror was $2 and Frame was $4):

Using these tools: masking tape, rustoleum spray paint, scissors, plastic bag, windex, a wood file, vinegar, mallet, and chisel.

Obligatory "Materials" Photo:

So the chisel, mallet, vinegar, and wood file are not pictured because I realized a little late that I HATED the pinecones on the mirror. I decided that I would try to be scientific/careful about removing them, so that is why I needed so much stuff. Experimentation. So after I tried filing down the pinecones, I realized that they were resin and attached to the frame with wood glue. I read somewhere that wood glue can be removed with acetic acid aka vinegar, so I covered the nasty things with a paper towel soaked in vinegar. After about fifteen minutes, I used the mallet and chisel to wedge the frame and pinecones (I keep wanting to call them acorns. Weird!) apart. That worked beautifully. The wood file was actually a really stupid idea. Yeah. So don't do that.

Obligatory "In-Process" Photo (don't mind my nasty feet):

AAAAAAAAAND the finished products!
A mirror:

A picture frame! Into which I actually have installed some cork board but I don't have any pictures of it.

Phew! Until next time!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Ha! So that didn't happen. Family vacation was less boring than I thought it would be, and then I moved from home to school only 2 days later! As soon as I can find a way to upload and store all the pictures I took of the projects I was working on slash finished, they will be blogged about.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cheap S***

I have been redoing/DIY-ing/painting stuff like crazy! I have been living with my parents the past couple months since I graduated from undergrad, but I FINALLY move into a new apartment in a week for grad school. Cons of living with my parents: Living with my parents. Pros: Power tool usage! Also acceptable places to spray paint. Unfortunately, people frown upon spray painting inside your apartment rental. I have no idea why.

I know these projects are not really THAT exciting because they are simplistic and easy to do. Each project only took me an afternoon. But the results were so fantastic, I figured I'd post them for the record. I will do it in three posts because living with my parents also means slow internet and upload speeds. Blech.

The most boring project first. I bought this wire rack at Goodwill 2 years ago for 5 dollars. I've been using it, but I figured it needed a new look. I rinsed it with water, sanded it, rinsed it again, and then used black spray paint. I didn't used primer or any sort of sealant.



It took 10 stinking minutes for these two pictures to upload. I feel like it's 2007 and I'm using myspace. (Note: I never had a myspace, and this is probably why.) Til tomorrow!

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Because I took a long hiatus. Now I am back! And to kick it off, here is THE BEST sugar cookie recipe I have ever made. I have attempted sugar cookies from various recipes all over the net, with results ranging from disastrous to simply "ok" and even then they were sometimes irreproducible(?!). But, finally, FINALLY, I have found the perfect one.

Just make sure your butter is completely softened (I nuke mine in the microwave) and that you roll them in sugar before baking. That is all. Peace out!