Monday, September 26, 2011

Dumb Idea

Fall is here! I am craving that itty bitty chill in the air that requires me to don a wooly sweater. I'm not really getting it in Baltimore right now, but since school is in session, I feel like I never go outside anyways except to go from apartment to chemistry building to food to chemistry building and back to my apartment. So I'll probably miss any subtle weather changes anyways, and by the time I realize it's getting chilly it will be EFFING COLD. That happens every year. So of course I am in the mood for knitting big stupid projects that I will never finish because I have to do Science instead. Here is my latest dumb venture:

A chevron blanket! I was inspired by the beautiful colors of the baby blanket I saw on The Purl Bee. I am really really in love with that gorgeous light lime green right now. I can't explain why. It's just speaking to me. I modified the thing by casting on 114 stitches instead of 100 and I am of course doubling my wool. I am hoping for some instant gratification once I actually get around to knitting. Also, I have my first big exam in grad school tomorrow. This is the main reason why I haven't touched this project since last weekend.


  1. "[...]Projects that I will never finish because I have to do Science instead." Same. I like how the 'S' is capitalized and the entity of Science is addressed as God/Jesus/Yahweh is often addressed in the literature. Such reverence. Such respect. For don't we worship at the altar of science the way religious people worship their deity? Do we not make sacrifices and do the bidding of Science at temples (known religiously as 'laboratories')? Do we not read the Holy Books over and over again and do we not --

    Okay, I'll stop. Stress makes me off my rocker.


  2. I love the colors that you chose! Yes, I know what you mean- I was so looking forward to the chilly weather so that I could start wearing my sweaters too, but lately the weather has been weirdly warm again. I'm excited to see how your blanket turns out :)

    Also, hope your exam went well!

    star-crossed smile