Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crochet Earrings.

I wish I knew/remembered the pattern I used. This is why I need to blog immediately after I make something. Unfortunately that would probably result in a frequency of about 2.0 times a day in the summer and an average of 0.0000001 times per day between the months of September and May. Gotta spread it out. Anyways! On to the pics.

I'd show you a picture of them ON me, but they turned out crappy. Also, here's a picture of my dinner! I'm very proud of it. I made the sauce and dough/crust from scratch. The recipes are here and here, respectively. I modified the crust by using sugar instead of honey in a 1.25:1.0 ratio with 0.25*1 tablespoon of extra water. For the sauce, I used one 16.5 oz. can of Hunt's diced tomatoes and one 16.5 oz. can of Hunt's sauce instead of 28 oz of diced tomatoes. Also, instead of ONE WHOLE TABLESPOON of red pepper flakes, I only threw in a few. I prefer to not set my mouth on fire while trying to enjoy my pizza. But that's just me.

Can you tell I live in Baltimore? (Natty Bo!)

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