Monday, August 29, 2011

DIY 2.0

Finally, FINALLY, my next project in my Things I Accomplished: Summer 2011 Edition is here. I saw a couple tutorials this summer on blogs such as Tea Rose Home that consisted of taking cheap picture frames, spray painting/decorating them, and then "framing" cork board to create a personalized bulletin board. Since seeing these types of projects... EVERYWHERE... I soon became obsessed with trying it myself. I like cheap pretty things and I absolutely love a nice make-over project (obviously). So, I rummaged through my nearest Goodwill and found these lovelies (EDIT: Mirror was $2 and Frame was $4):

Using these tools: masking tape, rustoleum spray paint, scissors, plastic bag, windex, a wood file, vinegar, mallet, and chisel.

Obligatory "Materials" Photo:

So the chisel, mallet, vinegar, and wood file are not pictured because I realized a little late that I HATED the pinecones on the mirror. I decided that I would try to be scientific/careful about removing them, so that is why I needed so much stuff. Experimentation. So after I tried filing down the pinecones, I realized that they were resin and attached to the frame with wood glue. I read somewhere that wood glue can be removed with acetic acid aka vinegar, so I covered the nasty things with a paper towel soaked in vinegar. After about fifteen minutes, I used the mallet and chisel to wedge the frame and pinecones (I keep wanting to call them acorns. Weird!) apart. That worked beautifully. The wood file was actually a really stupid idea. Yeah. So don't do that.

Obligatory "In-Process" Photo (don't mind my nasty feet):

AAAAAAAAAND the finished products!
A mirror:

A picture frame! Into which I actually have installed some cork board but I don't have any pictures of it.

Phew! Until next time!

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